God Balances Lives

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God Balances Lives

  • Release date: 2013-04-02
  • Label: Masters Records
  • Catalog #: 8 84501 88857 8

Track listing  and song description ( below) for God Balances Lives

  1. 1

    Let Us Bow Down

  2. 2

    Come and Go With Me

  3. 3

    Lord Give Me Faithco written with (the late) Carolyn Graderson

  4. 4

    I Worship You

  5. 5

    You Are My KingFeaturing Roxsanne

  6. 6

    Jesus will Fix it

  7. 7

    Praise Him in the Morning

  8. 8

    You Are My LifeDuet with Kenneth W. Anderson and Sharon Marion

  9. 9

    Glorify & Magnify

  10. 10

    You Made Me See

  11. 11

    God Is Good



Album Description

This CD has been a long time in the making.  However, it was worth the wait.  This CD represents a departure for Kenneth in that his previous CDs are either cover tunes, or songs written and sung entirely by Kenneth.  In God Balances Lives CD, although he has written all of the songs, 3 songs are markedly different:

  • “You Are My Life” in which he sings  a duet with Sharon Marion
  • “You Are My King” in which he wrote this song but is sung by Roxsanne Pollard an up and coming young Gospel artist, and finally
  • “Lord Give Me Faith”  in which  he sings the song, but shares co-writing credits with (the late ) Carolyn Granderson. In addition, Glorify  & Magnify was originally written for Carolyn as well.  This song has a similar theme – that is to Glorify and Magnify the Lord in the midst of your struggles. The theme throughout the CD is: Keeping your faith strong in the Lord.

Some of the backstory behind  Lord Give Me Faith -tells of the  struggle we all have at times trusting in God. Especially hard , are the times of  trials and tribulations we all go through.  Specifically, Lord Give Me Faith, is a song written about Carolyn’s struggle with her terminal cancer and her faith and trust in God.  Although Carolyn lost her battle with cancer, her faith in God  was ever present, even in the end.

We learned alot about living and keeping faithful to God, by Carolyn’s life and death.

In addition to dedicating the CD to Carolyn, we also do so to a dear friend who passed in March 2013, Ray Minnifield.  He  lived each day with joy and love. We will always remember how he had time to help his friends, family and anyone else.  He will be missed.